How The Cakes Are Made

We use a special rum combination – mixed and blended ourselves to get the best flavour and aroma from the product. Caymanas Rum Cakes are made from our family recipe – an authentic Caribbean tradition handed down two generations. They are made each day and delivered straight to you vacuum packed, ensuring freshness and longevity. They are moist, light and very tasty!

Caymanas Rum Cakes have less than 5% residual alcohol by volume as it evaporates during the baking process. It just leaves the mellow flavour and wonderful aroma in a moist and tasty Caymanas Rum Cake.

Caymanas Rum Cakes are much more cost effective than those from the Caribbean.

The Rum!

I discovered that using a single Rum for the Caymanas Rum Cakes did not cut it for the flavour and aroma.  During the development stages I began experimenting with several Rum types and discovered that a blend of three different Caribbean Rums – a Light, Gold and a Dark Rum mixed together worked.  This is unique in the world of Rum Cakes.  All the other Rum Cake manufacturers in the Caribbean use a single Rum (and are usually tied to a brand) whereas Caymanas Rum Cakes are not burdened with this restrictive arrangement.  When a single Rum is used, you invariably are unable to taste the Rum in the product, somewhat defeating the purpose of having a product made which says Rum on it.  By the mixing of the Rums emerged the gastro nom de gâteau et Rhum – The Gourmet Rumelier.